Central English Lake District, Cumbria

Lake District Map

England lakes

This covers the Lake District National Park, created in 1951, it is the most spectacular of the British National Parks.

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A delicate balance has to be maintained in this area between preserving the beauty of the unspoilt scenery that Wordsworth enjoyed, and at the same time catering for the many visitors that now want to see this scenery

You might like to consider two quotations about the lakes, the first from Wordsworth, who said they were there for everyone "with an eye to perceive and a heart to enjoy" The second from a man who subscribed to a National Trust appeal for funds in 1901 "I am a working man and cannot afford to give more than two shillings, but I once saw Derwent Water and can never forget it"

It is not just man that has an effect on the countryside, the lakes themselves are shrinking gradually as they fill with silt from the rivers feeding them. For example at Buttermere there are three lakes where thousands of years ago there would have been one

Borrowdale Buttermere Grassmere Windermere Coniston Wasdale
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