Appleby Castle, Cumbria, England

Appleby Castle Cumbria England

It is thought that Appleby Castle in Cumbria was started around 1100 by Ranulph le Meschin. It became Crown property in 1121, when he was made Earl of Chester.

The Scots captured the castle in 1136 and held on to it till 1157. When the English recaptured it, it was given to Hugh de Morville, who built the keep. However poor de Morville did not keep his casle for long, it being taken back by the king in 1173. It was then given to Theobold de Valoines.

The crown took it back again in 1190, and gave it to Robert de Vipoint in 1203.

In 1269 it passed to the Clifford family who managed to hold on to it for the next 400 years (they did lose control from 1461 to 1485 during the Wars of the Roses). They completely rebuilt the castle in 1454, but a hundred years later it was described as being in ruininous condition. Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cimberland, in fact deliberately damaged the castle to stop the Scots capturing it ad using it.

Then the Civil War saw more damage to Appleby Castle, but in 1651 Lady Anne Clifford, started an extensive restoration of the castel. She died in 1679, but her grandson continued to restore the castle

Today the gardens and keep are open to the public, but the main house is closed to visitors

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