Hardknott Roman Fort, Lake District

hardknott pass, lake district

Whatever way you look at it, Hartknott Fort hig up in the Lake District, must have been one of the loneliest postings for a soldier in the Roman Army.

Mediobobdum is at the Eskdale end of Hardknott Pass, and to get to the central lakes you have to navigate Wrynose Pass. Even with a modern car, it is a difficult spot to get to.

The fort was built between 120 AD and 138 AD and was designed to protect the Roman Road from their port at Ravenglass to Ambleside and on to Penrith

The normal Roman necessities of  military life - baths, granaries, soldiers barracks, commanders house, parade ground - are all here on this remote and beautiful setting. The baths, with a sequence of three rooms can be seen outside the main walls. An area of flattened ground is believed to be a parade area.

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