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He was born April 7th, 1770 in the village of Cockermouth. Willaim's mother died when he was 8 and his father when he was 13. He was then separated from his sister for much of his childhood In 1779, he went to the grammar school at Hawkshead (a little southeast, in Lancashire), where he would spend the next eight years, lodging during the school year with Ann Tyson. His holidays holidays were often spent with his grandparents in Penrith (back in Cumberland).

Most of his best work was penned in the "great decade" from 1797 to 1897 -   Intimations of Immortality, Lucy and Michael in 1800, Resolution and Independence in 1802. A prolific poet, he wrote 70,000 lines of verse, virtually twice the amount of any other recognised poet

In 1808, the whole family moved to another house in Grasmere, Allan Bank, and then to Grasmere Rectory in 1811. Before making their final move to Rydal Lodge in 1813 . It was not a happy period for him, apart from the unsettling moves, he was estranged from Coleridge in 1810 and two of his five children, Catherine and Thomas, died in 1812.

His income now came from his position of Distributor of Stamps , a tax gatherer, for the region. Browning was not happy with his friend's new job "Just for a handful of silver he left us."

As he grew older he changed from a radical to a conservative. But he did become part of the Establishment, and was appointed Poet Laureate in 1843

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