Walks in the Lakes and Cumbria

Probably the Lake District's greatest attraction is its walking. The hills and mountains here are called 'fells', and thousands of people come here each year to explore their beauty.

There are many  books that will give you a selection of walks and details of the way. Perhaps the most famous of the guide authors is Wainwright, apart from his works on fell walking in Cumbria, Wainwright also pioneered the Coast to Coast Long Distance Walk, from St Bees Head on the Cumbrian coast and wending some 190 miles across country to Robin Hood's Bay on the Yorkshire coast.

The area has two good long distance footpaths, the Cumbrian Way, starting at Ulverston on the sea near Barrow, and going north through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Lakes. The heading west from Burneside is the Dales Way which takes you into Yorkshire

If you need walking or climbing equipment, then there are excellent shops specialising in it, in Kendal, Ambleside, Grasmere, Hawkshead and Keswick.

Plan your route
It is essential in fell walking to work out what you can comfortably do. Reckon to walk at around 2.5 miles per hour (4 km per hour). Then look at the map and add one hour for every 1500 feet that have to be climbed. Then add time for meals, stops, rests, taking photographs and so on. From this you can see if you are over ambitious.
Make a "plan B" to follow if you get hit by bad weather after starting out.
And remember, fell walking is not rock climbing!
Whatever else, remember that you need a map and compass, and be able to use them.
Most accidents could have been avoided. A rucksack with windproofs, waterproofs, torch, whistle, poly bag, etc should be considered if you are going onto the high fells
When the days are short inn winter, fell walking should only be undertaken by the very experienced
The weather on the high fells can and is very different from that in the sheltered low valleys. Even at Easter, when it is spring in Ambleside, it can still be mid winter on the fells
Even in July and August wind driven rain can be lethal on the open fells
There is a taped weather forecast on the National Parks telephone service every day. Use it if you plan to walk.
Enjoy your walk
Having said all that, with the right weather and the right equipment, a walk on the fells is one of the finest experiences you will ever have
Lighter Walks
If you are not into fell walking, then here are a number of shorter, less strenuous walks

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